Surfer-To Olympic Skier-To Lingerie Model?

Julia Mancuso-no woolies for this girl!

The Winter Olympics are behind us now and it will be another 4 years before they return.  You can take a little of the games (yes, pun intended) home with you and even wear a little of it in memory right on your back side. Check out Olympic skier Julia Mancuso’s new lingerie line. Her sport is a cold weather sport, but these undies are smokin’ hot!  Sales were so brisk during the Olympics for Julia’s “Kiss My Tiara” lingerie line that the server hosting her website crashed.  I love the idea of an athletic woman being a model/designer for a lingerie line.  We’ve all had enough of the emaciated, rail-thin waify models!  Julia is strong, athletic and looks amazing in her undies.  We should be kissing her tiara.  Not to mention her 2 silver medals (Women’s Downhill and Super Combined Slalom) that she picked up in Vancouver.  (And yes, she did wear her tiara on the podium…go girl!)
the "Jewel"

Julia’s lingerie line has 2 types of panties thus far.  One style (Jewel) is a very sexy blue and white lacy thong with a tiara pendant dangling off the back.

"Kiss It"

The other style (Kiss It)  is a comfy blue boy short with a black and white band with the logo “Kiss It” imprinted around it.  Her “Kiss My Tiara” message is also smack dab on the rear end, along with her logo (puckered lips, tiara w/ crossed skis) on the front.  Can you say super cute?  Even if you aren’t an athlete…there is something to be said for these undies with attitude.  I’m in!
xo J

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