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Trashy Lingerie…Literally

Bustier from cans

Obviously we here at Trashy Lingerie are fans of the really trashy stuff. I may have found some lingerie pieces that take this notion just a little bit too seriously, however.
Panties from cans

Boston artist Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch has designed an entire line of lingerie from, well—trash. Recycled aluminum cans to be exact. These aluminum cans, along with a few dryer vents, rivets and other common hardware items have been fashioned into some very interesting lingerie pieces.


“I see the beauty in common objects and hope that others will too. I use everyday items like steel nuts, washers, vinyl plumbing tubing, clamps and Coke cans and transform them into something entirely different from their intended purpose,” noted Ingrid.

Aluminum can garter belt

Yes, this lingerie is eco-friendly. I think you can pretty much forget about comfort here though, and for heaven’s sake don’t try to hide these panty lines. If you are just looking for something that absolutely screams “notice me!” then this might be just the lingerie look you are looking for. Enjoy! Xo J.

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Gentlemen’s Edition

May 13 2010 Published by under Gallery of Regrettable Underwear, Trashy Lingerie

We have offered you several views of ladies lingerie that has been not-so-run-of-the-mill. Ladies are not the only ones who have to suffer with unbelievable undies! This week, we give you the Gentlemen’s Edition. Here is the shame that men must endure when shopping for or receiving underwear as a gift. And remember…these things wouldn’t be selling if someone wasn’t buying!

Creepy Clown Pants


You know, I never considered clowns scary until now. And let me tell you right now, if that flower on his suspenders squirts, I may need therapy.

Pacifier Pants


Come on, does this one even NEED a caption??? The designer should be paddled and sent to bed with no supper. But wait, that’s a whole different fantasy…

Giddy up, Cowboy!


Boy, howdy! OK, I know I should be pointing out the ridiculous aspects of those denim look shorts that are cut so…mmm… high in the rear….. Oh. And the chaps, all fringed…and slung low on his hips…. Yeah….well…ok….these might not be as regrettable as some others.

Stud Undies


I am just going to assume that these might be designed for long distance relationships.



When one embarrassing body part just isn’t enough, it’s HANDERPANTS!

Briefs gone wrong


Ladies, let me just say that, even if terrorists steal all your bras, this should NEVER be an option…no matter how well it fits.

Elephant Toupe'An entire collection of naughty men’s undies. Are you as disturbed as I am about the elephant’s hair piece?

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What is Trashy?

I was thinking today about how much I enjoy buying as well as wearing lingerie.  If I am feeling down or depressed, going lingerie shopping is an immediate pick-me-up.  As I perused a rack of pretty lacy bra’s and matching panties, I was contemplating what it was about these simple garments that had such a powerful effect on me.

Women love to wear lingerie.  I think we are naturally attracted to pretty things, and having something to wear that makes us feel sexy is a very good feeling.   Even if no one is going to see the lingerie items and they are worn underneath clothing, it is a definite boost to feel pretty from the inside out.  It’s pretty clear why women like lingerie…it makes us look good and feel good and what could be better than that?

So what about men?  How do they feel in general about lingerie?  I took an unofficial survey of men around my office today and asked them how they felt about women wearing lingerie and if they liked it.   The consensus was a universal YES, men DO like lingerie and they like it very much.  When I asked “why” the answers were all over the map.  One man stated that putting lingerie on a woman is like wrapping up a present in beautiful gift wrapping.  Sometimes the package looks so pretty you almost hate opening it up…but of course you eventually will.

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