Naked? Or Almost Naked?

Nearly naked and very sexy

There is no denying that a woman’s naked body can be very sexy.  It occurred to me today, however, that sometimes it might be possible (and maybe even probable) that complete nudity may not be as sexy as scantily clad or partially dressed might be.  Partial nudity may very well be sexier than buck-naked.  Let me explain.

Mystery carries with it a certain allure.  Anticipation and teasing also are known aphrodisiacs.  Thus it stands to reason that nearly naked could be even more sexually arousing than totally naked because there is a certain anticipation factor that goes along with it.  This can be very sexually arousing to both men and women.

Picture this scenario.  A man and a woman are dining in a dimly lit restaurant.  They are seated in a fairly private booth in the back of the establishment.  The couple seems to be enjoying good food and wine, when the woman coyly looks up at her partner and says, ”You know, my dear, I’m not wearing any panties underneath my dress.”  I wonder how much longer that guy is going to be able to focus on eating or if he fairly immediately is calling to the waiter announcing, “Check, please!”

This illustrates how just a little bit of the sexually out of the ordinary can be highly arousing, and the woman certainly didn’t have to get naked to do it.  In fact, to the outside world, she is fully dressed.  To her date however, well—he can’t get her out of there and into bed fast enough.   The imagination of and the anticipation of what is to come is more hot and arousing than what can actually be seen.

There is also something sexually stimulating to a man when a woman is confident in her sexuality.  Sometimes it can be a bit nerve-wracking for a gal to be fully exposed in front of her guy, I don’t care how perfect her body is.  Naked is still–well, naked.  Wearing some peek-a-boo lingerie that essentially frames all the best parts of your body, perhaps covering up some of the less than perfect parts might just be the best of both worlds.  Crotchless panties and camisoles with no cups are two such examples of getting naked without really being naked at all.  The look is extremely sexy, but you still have an air of mystique about you that is very erotic to a man, and to the woman wearing the lingerie as well.  Besides, a pair of crotchless panties might be just the ticket if you want to “get it on” somewhere less than conventional or maybe someplace slightly risky.   In this instance “naked” perhaps might not be very practical.  The point is to have fun and live a little dangerously—not to get arrested.  It just might be that not-so-naked may be the sexiest thing of all.

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